How To Download Latest Windows 10 ISO File For FREE | 2020

You might find a few reliable websites where you can directly download a genuine Windows 10 ISO file, however, the best way to get such ISO file is to use the media creation tool provided by Microsoft.

That way you can be sure that the ISO file you have at the end of the day is completely free from any form of modifications and that is the latest Iso file available. There have been numerous incidences of users ending up with ISO files that have been somehow manipulated, either by incorporating some apps to it or making some modifications that will serve the interest of the distributor.

Using the media creation tool from Microsoft not only ensures that you have a fully genuine Windows 10 ISO file, but also that you have the very latest version available at whatever time you’re reading this post. Also if you will require a license to activate your Windows after installation, you can purchase a genuine Windows 10 Pro OEM license here

Having a fast Internet connection is a big plus to this process, otherwise, it might take too long to complete. Prolonged connection outage can corrupt the iso file, and at worst the process could terminate before it is completed. 

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To begin, visit the Microsoft product download page or search “Download Windows 10 Disk Image” on your browser and click on the first link from You should have a page like this.

On this page click on “Download the tool now”. That should download the Windows media creation tool. It is about 20 MB in size, so it should download pretty quickly.

After downloading simply run by double-clicking. Hit yes on the user account control and wait for the file to load. Accept the license terms, and after some time you should have this window asking what you want to do.

Here the default option is to upgrade this PC now, but you want to select “Create installation media for another PC” this includes USB flash drive, DVD, and ISO file. So select that and hit next. If you intend to use a USB flash drive as the installation media, we recommend a fast USB flash drive. This will fasten both the media creation process and the actual Windows installation processes. 

On the next page, it asks you to select the language, architecture, and edition of Windows 10 you wish to have, by default I have the English US as the language, Windows 10 Edition, and the 64-bit architecture as the recommended options.

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If this is okay for you, then just hit next to continue the process, but if you wish to change any of these parameters then first uncheck the box that says “use recommended options for this PC” only then will you be able to change these default settings. Then select the settings that match the specs of the PC where you intend to use this iso file for installation.


On the architecture, there are 3 options, 32 bit, 64 bit, and Both. If you already know the architecture of the PC you will be installing your Windows 10 on, then you can select it here, but if you don’t or if you have multiple PCs you wish to install Windows 10 on with both 32 bit and 64 bit, then your best bet is to select the Both option.

This will require more storage space on your drive and a bit more time to create, but then you won’t need to create multiple installation media for different architectures since the ISO file would have both 32 and 64-bit architectures on it. With that selected, hit next.

On this next page, it asks you to choose which media you want to use to store your windows installation file. Here you want to select ISO file and then hit next.

It then asks you to choose the location to save your ISO file, I will keep mine on the desktop, you can also rename the iso file if you like or you can just leave it as default i.e. Windows.iso and hit save.

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As soon as you do that, the media creation tool will start to download the Windows installation files and afterward, it will automatically begin to create the ISO file.

From here you only need to wait for the entire process to complete. You can keep working on your PC the whole time, just ensure you remain connected to the Internet to ensure the process is not interrupted.

The time to complete this process depends on a number of factors, most importantly your Internet speed. With a good Internet connection, you can have this done within 15 to 25 minutes. Your PC spec also plays a role when creating the ISO file, that after downloading, so with a good processor and RAM you could save some time on this process.

So now we’re done. You should have this message saying “Burn the ISO file to a DVD” and below that you will see the link to the location where the ISO file was saved.

Since I’m not burning to a DVD here, I will just hit Finish, and when I go to my desktop, I now have the Windows 10 ISO file which I can either burn to a DVD, write to a USB stick or USE on a virtual machine or whatever else I need the ISO file for. 

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Another alternative way to download the ISO file even faster is to download it from a mobile phone.

In this case, you won’t be downloading the media creation tool as on laptops and desktops, instead, you get to select Windows version, language, and architecture from the Microsoft download page, and then it offers you a link to directly download the ISO file that corresponds to your selections.

Before downloading, ensure you have enough storage space on your phone or the SD card on your phone. Again, here the faster your download speed the quicker the process. Here choose the version of Windows 10 you wish to create an ISO file for and click Confirm.

Next, select the language of ISO file and click Confirm.

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Then on the page that follows, select the architecture of your interest (32 bit vs. 64 bits) and the iso file should start downloading immediately. 


Afterward, you should have the ISO file saved in your download folder, and from there you can copy it to any other device where you need to use it.

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Please share your comments, questions, and feedback in the comment section below. The following video demonstrates the solutions in this tutorial.