How to Play YouTube in Background with Screen Off | No Additional App Needed (Android & IOS)

Typically, when you play YouTube videos using the normal YouTube app on mobile phones, it requires your screen to be turned on the whole time for the video to continue to play. You also need to have the YouTube app at the fore-screen the entire time otherwise the video will automatically pause until you reopen the app.

Even when the app is on the fore-screen and you turn off your display then it equally pauses your video until you turn your screen back on and tap the play button. With this, you really can’t multitask with your YouTube music playing at the background.

This can be a pain especially knowing that keeping the screen light on drains a lot of your battery power, hence limiting the usage time of your phone for activities like playing YouTube music videos.

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To tweak this a bit and play your favorite music at the background while doing other things on your phone and without having to keep your phone screen light on, all you need is a simple web browser, here I will be using chrome to demonstrate this process.

You can use some other browser, you just need to look out for the setting I will be adjusting from your browser settings. However, I highly recommend the Google Chrome browser for this process. Ensure you have the latest Chrome browser. You can verify by updating your Chrome browser on playstore, this step is quite essential. 

Open up your Chrome and search YouTube. Click on the first result from On the YouTube homepage, go to the right-hand corner of the screen where you will have these three dots and click on it.

You will have a drop down like this, then click on ‘Desktop site’.

Your page will refresh afterward and it will look like a typical desktop site on a laptop. Then search for the intended video you want the audio to be playing at the background. 

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To have it play at the background, you can tap your home button and right at the top, you will have this audio speaker icon.

When you pull down you will have this mini YouTube player with some controls.

From here you can play the audio on the background just like any other audio while doing other things on your phone. You can also turn off the display while you enjoy your audio.

The mini player also provides you with basic controls (pause/play, next, previous) to make for more flexible navigation especially if you are playing from your playlist.

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Please share your comments, questions and feedback in the comment section below. 

The following video demonstrates the solutions in this tutorial.