No Battery is Detected | Windows Laptop Battery Problems [SOLVED]

It can be quite frustrating when you have a functional battery properly attached to your laptop and suddenly you find a red or white “X” on your battery icon.

On placing your pointer over the battery icon, it briefly displays a message that says “No battery is detected”, be it on Windows 7, 8, or 10. This can be quite trivial, given that there are several possible reasons why this would happen.

Possible Causes

This could be a problem with the battery, but it could also be a problem with the laptop.  Surprisingly it could even be a problem with the operating system you have running on your laptop. Often you will notice this issue either after installing some major updates or after installing a fresh copy of Windows.

It could also happen after upgrading or downgrading from one version of Windows to another or just for no reason. Below are potential ways to troubleshoot and fix this problem. These solutions are arranged in order of complexity. It is advisable to implement them in the order in which they are presented here and stop on the solution that resolves your problem.

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SOLUTION 1: Check for Loose Battery Connection

You want to start off by checking that your battery is properly hooked up to the connector in the battery compartment. This is easier with external batteries and more complex if you have one of the newer generation laptops with an internal battery.

If your laptop has such an internal battery, then you could skip this step for the time and proceed with the other suggestions. If all other suggestions fail, then you might revisit this fix or seek the help of a technician.

For laptops with external batteries, to verify that your battery is properly hooked up to the connector, you need to disconnect the AC plug from your laptop and check that it remains powered up while only on the battery.

If it shuts down instantly, then you need to check that your battery connectors are clean and in good contact. In any case, you can simply remove the battery and clean the connectors using a simple brush or an air cleaner. Then put back the battery and power up your PC to check if the normal battery icon has been restored.

SOLUTION 2: Hard Reset Your Laptop

The second fix is to perform a hard reset on your laptop. This is done by first turning off your laptop, removing all power sources both AC power supply and battery. Then press and hold down your power button for 15 to 20 seconds and release it. This will drain any residual electrical charge from the capacitors and erase all information that is stored on your laptop temporary memory, hence forcing Windows to perform a complete scan of the system including the battery during the next startup.

After the hard reset, put back the battery and power on your laptop normally, if you see a screen asking how you want to boot up, just choose “Start Windows normally” and hit the enter key. Upon startup, check and see if the right battery icon is restored.

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SOLUTION 3: Uninstall and Reinstall All Battery Related Drivers from Microsoft

The next fix is to reinstall all battery-related drivers from Microsoft and to do that go to your search and type device manager, then click on device manager from the search results, you can also go through your control panel and click on device manager. Here you should see Batteries, click on the drop-down arrow to show the related drivers.

Right-click on Microsoft AC adapter and choose Uninstall from the options, do the same for the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery. As soon as you uninstall this driver, you will notice that your battery icon will disappear, which is ok. Then restart your laptop with only the battery attached and see if the icon returns back to normal.

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If this problem persists, then probably your BIOS does not recognize your battery so you will need to reset your BIOS settings to defaults. To do that, restart your laptop, and using the required function key or combination of key, go into your BIOS set-up. If your laptop refuses to get into BIOS, here’s how to force it. Search through the setting to where it says something like reset to defaults, or set-up defaults or restore defaults.  Then confirm your selection to restore the BIOS defaults, and then save and exit the BIOS setup. Restart your laptop and see if you have your battery icon back to normal.


If the problem persists, then you may need to update your BIOS entirely. To do that, you need to visit your manufacturer support page and check for the latest edition of BIOS for your specific laptop and operating system.

So for this one, I will check for Hp pavilion 15, then scroll down to the BIOS drivers and check for the latest available version. Follow the provided instructions on the support page to download and install accordingly. Then check again to see if your battery is back to normal. Here’s an example for a Dell laptop.


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SOLUTION 6: Run Power Troubleshooter

The power troubleshooter is a default Windows tool that checks power related issues on your laptop including issues with the battery. To run the power troubleshooter, simply go to your Windows start search and type “Troubleshoot settings”, click on troubleshoot settings from the search results.

On the page that pops up, click on power, and then click “Run the troubleshooter”.

If you see a dialog box like this asking you to change your power plan, you can just skip and continue with the troubleshooting. Afterward, if there are issues with your power system, Windows will notify you, if not, simply restart your laptop and see if the issue gets resolved.

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SOLUTION 7: Try Upgrading Your Windows

If all the above suggestions fail and you are using a laptop that came preinstalled with Windows 8 or Windows 10 like this Hp pavilion 15, then chances are your laptop battery drivers are not compatible with Windows 7, so to get your battery icon back to normal, you will need to upgrade your laptop to the preinstalled version of Windows it was shipped with or a later version. So here I upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and without any further fixes, my battery icon was restored back to normal. If you choose to perform this upgrade, here is a video that simplifies the process.


There are times when this could actually be a clear indication of a broken battery. As much as we don’t want this to be the case, and probably your battery has been working fine the night before and suddenly you run into this.

The fact is that there are such rare situations where the battery circuitry just develops a fault and breaks down. The popular element in such situation is the charge controller, when this element breaks down, either the battery stops charging entirely or it overcharges and breaks down. In either case, you will likely have the “No battery is detected” situation.

Resolving this will require changing the battery entirely. You can check on eBay or Amazon for a reliable supplier and order with your exact laptop model.

I hope one of these suggestions was able to help you out. If you encounter any problems while implementing any of these suggestions, you can post in the comment section to get more help. Also, share with us in the comment section which of these solutions worked for you.

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And if you discover some other fixes that weren’t covered in this post, please share with us in the comment section and I will join the discussion. The video below demonstrates most of the suggestions discussed above.

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