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As technology and the Internet continue to evolve so also is the idea of safety and privacy on the Internet. In the past, VPNs were seen as some out-of-reach technology that is reserved for only government, military and big businesses. Those were the entities we felt should be concerned about such high-level security for their online activities, but that has changed expeditiously over the past decade. To put this to perspective, a recent report by VPN mentor showed that more than 95% of Americans surveyed in a recent poll said they were either somewhat concerned or very concerned about how companies use their data. As such the need for online security has become a concern for nearly everyone.

What is a VPN?

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. A VPN in its most basic form extends your private network across a public network and enables you to send and receive data across such public network as if it was a private network. Of course, there’s a lot more to it, talking about encryption, anonymity, location privacy, content unblocking and lots more. However, the main goal is still to provide you more security, more privacy and more flexibility on the internet. To that, RitaVPN is an all-round excellent product and one of the best VPNs out there.

A True Life Story

Back in December of 2018, I was on a trip to Estonia, and just like most people, I had a number of reasons to stay connected to the internet, from location tracking, emails, social media, entertainment, Uber and so on. So I kept switching from one service provider to another, from the airport to the train station, to shopping malls, individual hot spots, Airbnb, and literally whatever gives access to the internet. Fast forward to when I returned from the trip, a couple of weeks later, I started getting some wired emails. Now these are not just some typical random spam mails you receive every now and then, the sender/s of these emails claim to have one of my passwords which was included in the email, he or she claims to have the credentials to my other emails and social media accounts, and asks for a 998 dollar compensation otherwise he will start sending dirt about me to all my contacts and then he puts his bitcoin address to the mail. For the most part, I wasn’t really bothered by the content of this mail, except for one thing, the password the sender claims to have was, in fact, one of my passwords, fully accurate. Although I had changed this password long before I started receiving these emails, I couldn’t still help but wonder how this unknown person got access to my password, more so it could have been my banking details or some other critical credentials. With this experience, I had to quickly resort to using VPN across all my devices to beef up my security and privacy on the web. Clearly this is a privacy breach I believe a VPN could have easily prevented.

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Why Use a VPN

  • First is Anonymity: That’s the ability to surf the web without having to reveal your identity to the public.
  • Data Encryption: So even if someone gets hold of your data, they won’t be able to read it.
  • Geo-spoofing: That’s changing your IP address so it looks like you’re in a different location.
  • Ability to stream geo-restricted media from anywhere in the world: Netflix, Hulu, Kodi.
  • Then we have the ability to purchase cheaper flight tickets, statistics have shown that flight tickets are cheaper to buy from some locations than others.
  • Read blocked contents due to location.
  • Save money with geo-targeted online purchases.
  • Get around geo-restrictions with banking and other financial transactions.
  • Comment and review posts anonymously

Why Use RitaVPN ?

  1. First is of course the issue of security and privacy, which is the main essence of getting a VPN in the first place. RitaVPN offers no log policy, hence your browsing data including IP addresses, browsing history, traffic destination or metadata, DNS queries are not stored anywhere by any means.
  2. Second is the issue of Encryption, again this goes without saying, you don’t want your data to be sent in any format that can be interpreted by an adversary even if they manage to intercept it. The two common encryption schemes for most VPNs are the 128-bit and 256-bit AES encryption. RitaVPN uses the 256-bit encryption which is generally regarded as a military grade encryption used by NSA and top government agencies for encrypting classified information. In case you’re wondering the difference between the two schemes, going by what the numbers suggest, the 256-bit scheme is exponentially more difficult to crack than the 128-bit scheme, but of course that is at the cost of increasing the processing needed for encrypting and decrypting data. In practice, both schemes are extremely difficult, if not impossible to crack. The 256-bit scheme is really an overkill for the most part, in my opinion, the 128-bit scheme is more than enough.
  3. Next you want to check the possibility of supporting any special services you might need, like Netflix, DisneyPlus, Hulu, torrentting or other peer-to-peer, news channels, or anything like that. RitaVPN supports these services.
  4. Then finally, you need to consider cost, for most users, this is what it comes down to. Generally, the more expensive VPNs are likely to offer some additional features and services for the extra cost, but then you need to check ahead of time to see if you actually need those additional services. If you’re not sure about this, then its better to start off with a minimal subscription plan. RitaVPN offers as low as one-day plan and also a one-week plan among other plans. This enables you to try out the service before taking longer subscriptions.

So in summary, if you are looking for a simplified and affordable VPN service that will offer all needed features of a VPN, then RitaVPN becomes your option of choice.  There’s really no point paying more for a VPN that has the most number of servers when all you need is just to have your data encrypted online, moreover, virtually all VPN providers are constantly expanding on their server base and speed so whatever provider you choose will eventually be having more servers over time. You also don’t want to be paying more to have a bunch of settings you never get to actually use or even know about, so I think is better to go with what meets your particular needs as opposed to what is most popular.

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